About the Awards

Civil society organizations (CSOs) have assumed a significant role in engaging and impacting the processes of both the State and businesses. They represent the voice of the people and their aspirations: providing channels for marginalized and weaker sections of society to assert their rights. CSOs have proven the significance of their position in society by creating waves in the processes of democracy, accountability, human rights, environmental sustainability, HIV/AIDS, poverty alleviation, amongst many others. In this light, CSOs too have a responsibility to transparently report on their activities thereby demonstrating accountability towards their stakeholders.

Annual Reports are a key tool for disclosure and verification of an organization’s activities and accounts. They are also a tool which can be utilized by organizations as a means to effectively showcase their good work. CSO Partners’ Outstanding Annual Report Awards, organized jointly with Financial Management Service Foundation (FMSF), recognizes the need for a national movement towards better accountability and transparency practices. By appreciating the forerunners in the NGO sector, this initiative is generating a nation-wide effort towards more effective public disclosure practices.

The awards are divided into three categories based on the annual budgets of CSOs:

Small (>Rs.50 lakhs)
Medium (Rs.50 lakhs to Rs.5 crore)
Large (>Rs. 5 crore)


There are 3 prizes under each category

Winner Rs. 3,00,000
Two Runners Up Rs. 1,00,000 each

The Awards seek to:

Recognize and promote good standards & practices in non-profit organizations in the area of resource management, public distribution, accountability and transparency in annual reporting to their stakeholders
Promote the overall credibility of the non-profit sector for long term sustainability
Encourage healthy debate in the areas of better reporting practices
Recognize and celebrate excellence in the non-profit sector
Create examples and inspire other non-profit organisations to follow higher standards as well as to promote cross-regional learning

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