Guidelines for Entry

In order to be eligible, your organization must be a registered non – profit entity (Trust, Society, or Section 25 Company) in India.

The essential documents to be sent in order for nominations to be considered complete are:

3 hard copies of your annual report for the year 2010 - 2011
1 hard copy of your complete financial statement for the year 2010 – 2011 containing:
Auditor’s Report and Notes to Accounts
All the schedules forming part of the financial statement
Completed nomination form duly signed by the chief functionary of the organization
The financial statement must be signed by the chief functionary of the organization
Photocopies should not have been signed in original
There should be no over writing of signatures
Auditors should have signed as members or partners of the firm they represent and not as the firm itself
E-Annual Reports should provide the web link to enable the screening committee to view the original document
If your NGO prepares an Annual Report in an additional language other than English, make sure to send us a copy of that too


The first screening process is a preliminary short-listing procedure. In order to ensure an objective assessment, an independent panel of judges having expertise in the fields of financial management, communication, and public disclosure adjudge the winners based on a set of criteria.

CSO Partners would like to give all organizations an equal and fair opportunity to be winners and encourage wider participation from the voluntary sector in this prestigious Award. Hence, the following norms have been put in place:

Organisations that have been ‘Winners’ for three consecutive years will move into the Outstanding Annual Report Awards Hall of Fame on a non competitive basis
Organisations that have been ‘Runner Up’ for three consecutive years will move into the ‘Hattrick Club’ on a non competitive basis. They are however free to compete and improve their position from ‘Runner Up’ to ‘Winner’